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ABC Music & Me


Course Overview
Curriculum: ABC Music & Me
Age Group: 4 to 6 years old
Cost: $195
Length: 12 Classes
Duration: 60 Minutes

Course Description

An After School, Extended Day, Music Enrichment Program by KINDERMUSIK for Preschoolers Ages 4-6 years.

Jumping Beans

In class, your child's memory and sequence skills will strengthen with stop-and-go activities -- all set to the music of Latin America. Stop-and-go games help your preschooler control body motions and follow directions on the go. Share the stories and activities in your Home Kit and you'll strengthen self-discipline skills at home, too.

Join the Parade!

In class, we'll listen to marching music, play pretend parades, and help your preschooler develop rhythm and coordination skills. Marching to his/her own beat -- in class and at home -- helps your preschooler make a vital rhythm and body connection, one that's necessary to help him master any number of movement activities such as writing, dribbling and shooting a basketball, dancing, and skipping. 

All Keyed Up

A piano and the well-known composer, J.S. Bach, help your preschooler get ready for school. The answer is right at the tip of your fingers. The same fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination your preschooler needs to hold a pencil -- are developed through the special keyboard-playing activities we'll be playing in class.

Course At Home Materials Information

Jumping Beans Home Kit: One pan flute instrument, Home CD, and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story "A Quieter Instrument")

Join the Parade! Home Kit: Home CD and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story "Henry's Parade")

All Keyed Up Home Kit: Pair of castanets, Home CD, and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story "Coppertop and the Four Keyboards")

Meeting Times and Locations

No meeting times could be found for that course. Please consult the semester schedule for detailed information about course offerings and meeting times.

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