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Course Overview
Curriculum: Kindermusik Adventures (Summer Camps)
Age Group: Newborn to 1½ years old
Cost: $85
Length: 4 Classes
Duration: 45 Minutes

Course Description

Set your baby's day to classical music. With a little more Tchaikovsky in your "Twinkle, Twinkle" repertoire you'll discover new ways your baby benefits from the classics as you both develop an appreciation for the world's most respected music. Each lesson features new activities and songs you can sing for all the places you go together -- the store, the playground, the doctor, the beach or pool and a family picnic reunion.

  • Day one: Baby goes to the grocery store
  • Day two: Playing in the park
  • Day three: Going to the doctor
  • Day four: Going to the beach or pool
  • Day five: A family picnic reunion

Course At Home Materials Information

At Home materials include:

  • Hardcover book
  • A wooden rolly cage-bell
  • CD features a slip-in, slip-out lyric book inside the case
  • A home activities poster.

Meeting Times and Locations

No meeting times could be found for that course. Please consult the semester schedule for detailed information about course offerings and meeting times.

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