Course Information

Creatures In My Backyard


Course Overview
Curriculum: Kindermusik Adventures (Summer Camps)
Age Group: 1½ to 3½ years old
Cost: $85
Length: 4 Classes
Duration: 45 Minutes

Course Description

Children are naturally curious and delighted by the world around them. Through music, movement, storytelling, and instrument exploration, your child will uncover the creatures living in her own backyard - from birds, turtles, squirrels, and rabbits to flowers, caterpillars, and bumble-bees! Your child will experience Nesting in a Tree, Digging in the Dirt, Flying to a Flower, Hiding in the Grass, and Sitting on the Porch. So put on your sandals and join us for a backyard adventure!

Course At Home Materials Information

At Home materials include:

  • Set of 5 picture folders
  • Home CD of songs from class
  • Plush Bunny Hand Puppet
  • Instrument (TBA)

Meeting Times and Locations

No meeting times could be found for that course. Please consult the semester schedule for detailed information about course offerings and meeting times.

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