Course Information

Zoom Buggy and Dream Pillow


Course Overview
Curriculum: Kindermusik Village
Age Group: Newborn to 1½ years old
Cost: $240
Length: 12 Classes
Duration: 45 Minutes

Course Description

How many ways can Baby & Parent zoom in Kindermusik Village? Hop in the "Zoom Buggy" and find out! Through a variety of songs, chants, & instrumental selections, you and Baby will experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky stroller, the bumpa bumpa bumpa of the wagon, the train chugging up the track & much more. Baby is the star in "Dream Pillow", with each activity carefully planned to stimulate brain development, thereby promoting physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and language development. But it is the parent who is watching and guiding this little star on the rise, and Dream Pillow, like all of the Kindermusik Village units, is written with the parent very much in mind.

Course At Home Materials Information

2 sets of Home Materials are included - each with:

  • Baby's Literature Book
  • Baby's Home Journal
  • CD with songs from class
  • Art Banner
  • Clear Vinyl Storage and Carry Bag

Meeting Times and Locations

No meeting times could be found for that course. Please consult the semester schedule for detailed information about course offerings and meeting times.

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