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Kindermusik Adventures (Summer Camps)

Newborn and older

Inspire your child's love of learning in only five lessons. In a Kindermusik summer camp, blow music bubbles. Play parachute and kite games. Sing. All these summer camp activities -- the music, stories, and crafts -- are designed to nurture your child's natural curiosity, one that eventually draws her toward learning new words, new numbers, and new big ideas.

At Home Materials

  • Literature Book: Children learn best through repetition, which means "read it again, mommy."
  • CD: Music boosts memory and a child's ability to learn new words.
  • Special Materials: A duck-shaped mirror, a lyric poster, or "go outside" ideas for you and your child.

Courses Within this Curriculum

Note: Course offerings differ by semester. The courses listed below may or may not be offered this semester. Consult the semester schedule for details on this semester's course offerings.

Busy Days!

Peek-a-BOO, I Love You!

Creatures at the Ocean

Zoo Train!

Around the World

Creatures In My Backyard

On The Road

Out and About

Under the Rainbow

Tell Me a Tale

Confetti Days

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