About Charlotte

Charlotte Brandt is a licensed Kindermusik instructor with over 25 years of professional experience teaching children. Through her Kindermusik classes, Charlotte offers music education for your child in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

After obtaining her Kindermusik license in 1998, Charlotte has worked diligently to build her Kindermusik courses into the best educational experiences for parents and children. With over 150 families participating in Charlotte's classes every semester, Kindermusik with Charlotte ranks among the top 5% of worldwide Kindermusik courses in program growth. Because of this, Charlotte was awarded the title of "Maestro" in Kindermusik International's Circle of Excellence in both 2004 and 2006.

Before starting her Kindermusik program, Charlotte spent 15 years teaching first grade in the Virginia Beach Public School System. She was named Brookwood Elementary School's "Teacher of the Year" in 2001. In addition, Charlotte spent the past 16 years serving as the Associate Music Director for the Preschool Children's Choirs at Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. Prior to this, Charlotte spent 5 years teaching music in the Kalamazoo, Michigan Public School System.

Charlotte is a graduate of Western Michigan University, where she obtained her Master's degree in Education and her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, Integrated Creative Arts, and Music. During college, Charlotte spent five years playing cello as a member of the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony, which allowed her to perform throughout Europe as a goodwill ambassador.

Charlotte's most significant training certainly derives from her first-hand experience raising her two children, Jocelyn and Justin. Charlotte has won the prestigious "Best Mom in the World" award for nearly 28 consecutive years.

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