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Each week, we look forward to a time of singing, dancing, reading stories, and other activities. The music is diverse and helps us learn to appreciate other cultures in addition to being just plain fun. Kindermusik is cultivating in our son a lifelong appreciation of music and a love of the complex rhythms of our world. And, interestingly enough, I'm finding that you're never too old to learn.

Mae Miller Claxton, Mother of Brannan, age 2½

Kindermusik has become a special part of our lives. Sarah and I look forward to Monday evenings. It is our very special time together. During the week, we continue to share the songs, chants and rhymes that we do during class. I cannot imagine what we did before Kindermusik.

C. Shoobridge, Father of Sarah, age 2½

Ryan has learned so much these past two years! We are amazed at her wealth of knowledge. Her confidence and self-esteem have also grown. I wish all learning experiences could be so joyous.

R. Miller, Mother of Ryan, age 5½

Your program is wonderful! My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking my two-year-old twin grandchildren to Kindermusik and will do so again in a few months. One of the children has Cerebral Palsy. Kindermusik allowed her to just be a kid and have some fun... a welcome change for her from endless therapy sessions.

Grandmother of twins, one with Cerebral Palsy

I almost forgot about my Kindermusik Our Time: Away We Go! CD that was given to us until recently. My children and I are in the car for almost two hours every weekday. One day, my 1½-year-old daughter was going crazy being stuck in her car seat! I found the CDs, began playing the music, and she happily clapped and bobbed her head all the way home. Now, when I pick her up in the afternoon, she points at the radio, bobs her head and sings, 'Aaaahhh.' My kids love it...all of the Kindermusik music and the sounds!

Emily, mother of a Kindermusik Our Time child

Keep up the great work! There's no one out there offering the quality materials that Kindermusik does. And we adore our Kindermusik teacher-she's awesome! It's such a treat to have great materials and a great teacher. This is an experience that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives.

Marissa Austin, mother of Caroline, age 2 years

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